Because Class is Cancelled!

Have you guys noticed that we don’t have class this Thursday? Is that a wonderful coincidence? No, it is not! The faculty specifically voted to cancel a precious day of in-class learning so that all of you would have the chance to do learning of a different kind at the Power and Privilege Symposium. Take advantage of the faculty support and free day, go to the workshops, panels and lectures!

Did I mention the super sweet schedule? You can click on each and every title to get more information about the where, the what and the who. Read it, learn it, know it, do it. Whip out that planner and find the four sessions that speak to you. Class was cancelled for a reason, and that reason was not for you to binge watch House of Cards or sleep for 20 straight hours!! Go to the Power and Privilege Symposium. We will see you there!

Also, Tricia Rose TONIGHT!! 7 pm in Cordiner Hall.


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