2013 Symposium

Power and Privilege Symposium 2013: Why Race Matters

This year, the Power and Privilege Symposium is focused on race and ethnicity. While Whitman emphasizes its commitment to a diverse campus, many students feel that the importance of race and ethnicity has failed to be an emphasized component of this diversity.

As the symposium, we will start with the premise that race does matter in people’s daily lives, and discuss how and why this might be the case. Our workshops cover everything from race 101 to interracial dating and race in the workplace. Does skin color matter? How do people experience daily life? Student and professors will share their expertise and draw from their personal experiences to make participants think about their own conceptions around race and ethnicity, regardless of their own self-identification.

For a complete list of symposium workshops and a schedule of events, please see our Workshops page.

Our keynote speaker for the symposium is Rigoberta Menchú, 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and a Guatemalan indigenous rights activist. For more information about the keynote speech, please visit our page on Menchú.


Mara Sorkins, President’s Office
Katharine Curles, Student Activities Office
Matthew Ozuna, Intercultural Center
Beyond Borders Club


Associated Students of Whitman College, Whitman Events Board, the Intercultural Center, the Anthropology Department, the Politics Department, the Sociology Department, the Spanish Department, the Beyond Borders Club, the O’Donnell Endowment in Global Studies, the Groseclose Lectureship Endowment, and the Office of the President.

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