Who plans the PPS?

This event is run by a group of dedicated Whitman students who meet every Friday in Reid to touch base and discuss plans. Three committees have been formed- logistics, content and publicity, which deal with everything from raising funds to organizing workshops.

Thank you to all of the committed students!


Yana Vasquez-Crede

Jackie Bonilla

Genny Jones

Erin Slomski-Pritz

Tim Reed

Jack Percival

Katie Steen

Jess Faunt

Molly Dubrovsky

Angela Tang

Beverly Li

Leda Zakarison

Corinne Vandagriff

Alisha Agard

Paige Joki

Luis Alba Sanchez

Erica Nkwocha

Annie Want

Sean Mulloy

Kristen Wiseman

Nate Higby

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