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ASWC and P&P: How They Relate

Are you curious about what role the Associated Students of Whitman College plays in the Power and Privilege Symposium? Or maybe you don’t quite know why the symposium is happening in the first place. Check out this article on the ASWC website to learn more about it all.

Who plans the Power and Privilege Symposium?

This event is run by a group of dedicated Whitman students who meet every Friday in Reid to touch base and discuss plans. Three committees have been formed- logistics, content and publicity, which deal with everything from raising funds to organizing workshops. Thank you to all of the committed students! Volunteers: Yana Vasquez-Crede, Jackie Bonilla, Genny Jones, Erin […]

Tricia Rose on Justice

Tricia Rose talks about Creating Conversations on Justice. “We have some work to do in thinking about questions of community and equality and justice.” And read this interview with Time Magazine about one of her many amazing books. “In her new book, The Hip Hop Wars, Rose takes on all sides, arguing that fans and detractors alike have […]