Keynote Speaker: Connie Rice

Connie Rice

Connie Rice
February 17
Cordiner Hall, 7pm
Connie Rice is a civil rights lawyer and co-director of Los Angeles' The Advancement Project, fights inequality and injustice in today’s society to achieve high impact policy change. Nationally, The Advancement Project provides training, networking, and resources to extend racial justice lawyering. Furthermore, Rice and her team use strategic methods of communication to influence the public opinion on issues of race and injustices.
In California, Rice and her team at The Advancement Project are committed to creating policy changes to disrupt structural racism by working locally and providing support and resources for communities. This project has raised over $15 billion to help even the odds in the community.
Additionally Rice will be presenting a workshop as a part of the symposium the morning of Feb., 18.
Interested in learning more? Here is a sneak peek of Rice talking about the Advancement Project.

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