Workshops 2015


There are a lot of amazing workshops to look forward to. Please check out the pamphlet, which will also be distributed to all students via their campus mailboxes. Or, to get a more in-depth look at the days events read the workshops schedule. Click on the title a for description!

Wednesday February 11th

9:00 pm Olin 130 Cracking the Codes Film Screening

Wednesday February 18th

Keynote Speaker Dr. Shakti Butler

7:00 pm, Cordiner Hall

Thursday, February 19th

9:45-3:45     Sessions 1, 2, 3, & 4

7:00  Closing Ceremony and Dear White People Film Screening



    • In planning our workshops, we strive for a balance between creating safe spaces and accountability. Anonymity is not necessarily counter to those goals, but we have not built anonymous questions into the structure of any workshops. Consider talking to panelists/workshop leaders after their session and asking your questions then, or asking if it’s okay to email them to continue the conversation. Obviously this is not entirely anonymous but it is more private.

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